Gun Safety Starts with Proper Education

Written by on March 8, 2018

teachers and studentsThere is no denying it; we live in a world that is becoming more violent each day. When you turn on the news each day, something bad has happened in some part of the world that we live in. The crazy part is, a lot of the violence that is going on today is happening in our schools. This had to lead to a country wide debate and discussion about how teachers may now conceal carry firearms when they venture into the classroom. Do you think it is a good idea? It could be what protects our children from harm, but gun safety starts with proper education for teachers and all staff.

Overall Opinions of Teachers Carrying

guns in teachers handsThere are many people who feel teachers should carry weapons to protect the students that are in their care 7-9 hours a day, five days a week. However, there are just as many who say that we are crazy for letting teachers have weapons because it takes guns into the schools that we are trying to keep guns out of. It is mostly students who have issues with teachers having guns, but a lot of parents are upset over it as well. Students say that they are nervous about it for a variety of reasons.

Why Students Worry

students speak out about gunsA lot of the older students who are asked, say that they feel that teachers should be able to have access to a weapon, but younger students seem to disagree. The older students, juniors and seniors, say that teachers should carry a weapon if they are trained and most adults agree that the teachers should have an FPEA membership before they bring a gun in the school. This way they would be properly trained about what to do during a bad situation and how to use it if necessary. Younger students, early teens, would prefer that the security guards have guns and not the teachers. Their concern is that a teacher could be having a bad day and that they would take out their anger in the classroom. The truth is, there is a potential for issues, but even this could be handled by ensuring teachers were not overly stressed. Perhaps have them attend counseling to make sure that they are not overly frustrated with students in their classroom.

Overall Opinions

Most people, adults and children, feel that protecting the school is a top priority because our students of today will be the future of tomorrow. The question remains about how to make our schools safer. Everyone will have their own opinions. Overall though, there is support for the idea of teachers carrying because they are the ones who are in a classroom with the children, often sacrificing their own life to protect the children in their care. This means you have to ask, “why not give them a weapon to protect themselves and the children more effectively?” Doing so could make the difference on who is able to walk away from a violent attack on our schools in the future. We just have to make sure that our teachers are fully prepared to do what needs to be done in a bad situation.

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