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Written by on January 18, 2018

long range rifleIn a world that depends on self-protection if not hunting, it is good to know that there are some companies that are dedicated to providing the best possible guns, ammunition, and other accessories. There are some companies that have been in the business of providing quality weapons for more than 100 years. Their inventions include long range rifles, muzzleloaders, scopes, and everything else you could possibly want to have access to. However, as a gun owner, you hold the biggest responsibility of all. Understanding how to use it properly, store it safely, and have the right type of equipment for the things that you want to do, whether its protecting your family from harm or bringing home tonight’s dinner.

The Long Range Rifle

scopeThe long-range rifle is designed for hunting. They are powerful, accurate, and depending on your skill level; able to put diner on the table every night if needed. To be successful at long range shooting, you will need to calculate the ballistics, especially in the way the wind may affect where the bullet goes. Scopes can help with accuracy and help you to compensate for a lot of different things; especially the gravity pull that your bullet will have to deal with when reaching its target, but the wind is something you must understand. Your rifle will only be as accurate as you are. To ensure you always hit your target, you will need to take into consideration the wind, distance, and the atmospheric conditions that you are shooting in.  The longer barrel will help you some, but you must still be able to aim true.

Finding Your Scope

muzzleloaderThere are a lot of variations in rifle scopes and to get the best scope for your rifle, you will need to have a good understanding of what you are looking for. Scopes are generally designed with the main tube that measures 30-34mm in diameter. If you want to have a larger range of adjustments to work with, you will want to focus on a larger diameter scope tube. From there, a larger objective lens size increases the amount of light that your scope will be able to grab. Therefore, the larger lens is better for evening shooting or early morning when the sun is just starting to brighten the sky. Low dispersion glass minimizes the color fringing and makes the images you see inside the scope sharper. The reticle and focal plane, turrets, and adjustments, and magnification will further increase the scope’s accuracy so that you have less to think about when taking aim.


A muzzleloader is a unique type of gun in today’s world. They are the types of guns that require you to use a projectile, or bullet, after loading it through the muzzle rather than the stock. They are harder to make and higher tech than other guns. Therefore, only the biggest names in gun manufacturers make them and they often reproduce the sidelock, percussion, and flintlock guns. The modern ones also use modern mortars that have a shell around the propelling charge and a type of primer attached at the base.


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