Keeping Your Game Fresh

Written by on June 14, 2018

deerHunting is a great sport. There are people who spend their entire year waiting for the next hunting season to come along. They often strive to catch the biggest, most beautiful buck that they can find. It is often enough to provide food for their family and friends throughout the season when they are unable to hunt. The biggest problem with this is keeping your game fresh until you can get it back out of the woods.

Gone Huntin’

showing off killHunting is a great way to get out into the world. It is something that makes bonding with other men easier and gives them a way to compete with one another to see who can bring in the biggest. It also means getting out into nature, and in some cases; you may have to venture way out into the woods where vehicles are unable to go. This can make keeping your catch a little difficult. To carry large game, you would need a large cooler, but they can often be too heavy to carry deep into the woods, but to stay fresh; it needs to be iced quickly. How do you handle it?

Keeping Game Fresh

A lot of hunters recommend that you start dressing the game as soon as you kill it. This allows you to get rid of the waste and it does help to keep the meat fresh. The main goal of this is often to let it bleed out so that it does not end up tasting bad from adrenaline. However, some hunters go the extra mile if they are completely out in the woods where their trucks cannot go. They go ahead and cut it up for individual meals that they can prepare when they get to camp or back home. These hunters know that icing the meat down is the key and often carry along a cooler for backpacking that makes it easier for them to do it.

The Thrill of the Hunt

hunters bondingWhether a hunter catches anything or not, half the fun of hunting is the hunt itself. Its time with the boys. It is a time when they can test out their skills, show off their most trusted weapons, and more. As they camp out for the evening hours, they can further their time away from real life by sitting by the campfire having a cold one, and simply enjoying all that nature has to offer. It is made even more enjoyable if they can have a fresh piece of meat on the campfire or the grill and often it doesn’t matter if it is a fish that was caught, or a slab of the biggest deer caught that day. Either way, if the catch of the day goes bad before it gets to the nearest freezer, it is a bad time for all who venture out. No true hunter wants to take a chance of that happening, because then it becomes a wasted kill, which defeats the point of hunting for all who enjoy it.

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