Keeping Camp Cool During Summer Hunts

Written by on June 17, 2018

off the grid campsFor many people, hunting season does not always fall during the cool weather months. This means that hunting trips can be very hot. In the south, days can be in the 80-90-degree range, and at night temperatures can still be hot and humid. This is further compounded when you have many hunting camps that are “off the grid” and lack some of the creature comforts that we have at home. They often have a limited power supply and no real places to cool off, and this can make keeping camp cool during summer hunts pretty hard to do.

Off the Grid Camps

hunting earlyIt is great to be off the grid when hunting. Chances are good, the hunters who venture out to these areas are looking for time away from the real world. They want to be off the grid where cell phone reception is sometimes lacking, where they can simply become one with nature and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. However, this does not mean that they want to give up hot showers and central air conditioning units. Most hunting camps offer very little heat in the winter and virtually no air conditioners during the summer months. It requires too much power to try and run those things. Heat usually comes from rustic fireplaces and coolness from a ceiling fan that barely turns properly. Is there a solution that you can take along with you before your next hunting trip if you miss the AC?

Cooling Down Camp

huntersYou could bring a small portable fan to keep you cool after a long day of hunting, but sometimes they are not effective when it is hot and humid outside. For that reason, we read a lot of Whynter portable air conditioner reviews here: and found our ideal hunting solution. These portable air conditioners can cool off a camp without pulling much power. They are easy to move around, and we can use them at home and then take them hunting with us when we go. It is more effective than a big box fan, a ceiling fan, or anything else on the most humid of nights when we want to get up early in the morning.

Going After the Big Game

Sometimes, you will hunt better if you get a great night’s sleep in a hunting camp because it allows you to focus better in the early morning hours when deer and other large game is most active. It is before the temperatures climb up again and there is fresh dew on all the things that they want to eat. It is the quietest part of the day, especially when you are not yawning because you didn’t get the sleep that you needed to be alert and focused on your upcoming hunt. Your aim will be truer, and your skills will be more evident to all who are hunting nearby. During the heat of the day, you will have a way to cool off and rest up so that when evening rolls around, you will be ready to go out again.

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